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What Does a Boiler Service Involve?

Boiler servicing is something which, from the outside, can seem confusing, leading to many people not knowing what it should include, how long it should take and what it should cost.  It also doesn’t help that if you call 10 different heating firms you may well get 10 different answers!

Here at City Warmth we have been servicing boilers for over 10 years and offer two different levels of boiler service with two different prices, a standard service and a full strip down service.  And we find it very helpful, for both our team and our customers, to set out in black and white what we cover when we service a boiler. There is no mystery here, no baffling with science and no hidden pricing.

What we cover in both of these service options can be found on our boiler servicing page.

Summary: Boiler Servicing

Below, is a summary of the two different types of boiler services we offer at City Warmth. Whichever boiler service you go for you should expect a heating engineer to be in your house for no shorter than 30 minutes.

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Standard Boiler Service

The Standard Boiler Service is the most popular with our customers.

With the Standard Boiler Service we check the physical condition of the boiler, the normal heating and hot water operation of your set up, the safety features, gas levels and exhaust readings of the boiler. We will check the condition and operation of the gas meter, the condition and operation of your radiators, bleeding where needed, and will make any minor adjustments we can to improve the efficiency of your boiler to save you money on your gas bill such as reducing the flow temperature.

You should expect the engineer to be with you for anywhere up to 60 minutes when conducting a standard boiler service.  Our standard boiler service costs £99 + VAT.

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Full Strip Down Service

With a Full Strip Down Boiler Service we will do all of the above as set out in the Standard Boiler Service as well as the following.  We will remove the burner and clean out the main heat exchanger replacing the spark electrodes and gaskets.  We will clean out the condensate trap, drain and re-charge the expansion vessel, range rate the boiler and adjust the gas valve where possible.

A full strip down boiler service is like a complete overhaul of a car where everything is checked.

You should expect the engineer to be with you for up to 2.5 hours when undertaking a full strip down boiler service.  Our full strip down boiler service costs £198 + VAT + parts/materials. This normally works out to around £250 + VAT in total.

Boiler Service Aftercare

For every boiler service we undertake, a thorough and detailed service report is generated.  This is now primarily an online document which will be emailed to you by a member of the City Warmth team within 48 hours of the boiler service being completed along with a ‘Welcome to the City Warmth Family’ email if this is your first time using us. Thanks for using us!  If you need a paper copy please do let us know and we shall pop it in the post at no additional cost.

We don’t want your boiler breaking down at any point in the future so we will then put your boiler service date in our calendar for the following year and will call or email you near the time to get it booked in.  Getting the boiler serviced is just one of those things we all forget to do.   We will remember for you and will find a convenient slot when a member of our team could come and service your boiler.  It will be nice to see you again and find out what in your life has changed.

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When Did You Last Have Your Boiler Serviced?

Similar to a car you should have your boiler serviced every year. A boiler is a thing which we take for granted and rarely ever think of, but when you want heating and hot water you want it to work.

Having your boiler serviced every year gives you peace of mind that it won’t go wrong when you want it the most.

If it is possible, get your boiler serviced in the mid to late Autumn ensuring the engineer checks the functionality and setting of the heating so that it works when that first cold snap hits.

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Repair or Service?

A Boiler Service Will Not Fix Your Broken Boiler

Do you have intermittent hot water? Is or was your boiler flashing a fault code? Is your boiler leaking? A service probably won’t fix any of these problems!  If your boiler is experiencing problems you will want the problem diagnosed and then repaired.

At City Warmth we have been diagnosing and repairing boilers for over a decade. If your boiler is in need of a repair then please get in touch today.

Is Your Boiler in Need of Replacement

Do you think your boiler may be coming towards the end of its life? Have you just moved into a new house and want a new boiler to go with it? Whatever your situation if you’d like a new or replacement boiler then please get in touch today.

We don’t just install boilers at City Warmth, we take time to chat with you first and find out what is important to you!  A new boiler is not a small amount of money and we want to ensure that money is invested correctly, so we find out what is important to you!

Is the boiler in the right place? Is it the right type of boiler? What length of manufacturer warranty do you want? Is there a brand you prefer? What is the budget you are hoping to work towards?

Once we know the answers to these important questions we will then undertake some tests and inspections to advise on the power rating of the boiler that would be best for your home.  Before we leave we will tell you what a new boiler installation from City Warmth covers and what to expect on the day.

You will then get a thoroughly detailed quote covering all the points we have discussed along with a follow up phone call checking you have received the quote and that everything is ok.

Book Your Boiler Service

If your boiler needs servicing, our team is here to help. We have installed hundreds of boilers in Brighton and Hove and the surrounding areas and would love for yours to be next. Give us a call to book your boiler service.