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Boiler servicing in Brighton & Hove

Boiler Servicing

At City Warmth Plumbing and Heating, we are proud to offer trusted and reliable boiler servicing in Brighton and Hove. A broken boiler can cause all sorts of problems. You don’t want no heating or hot water in the middle of winter. That’s why servicing your boiler is so important. Having your boiler serviced annually keeps it performing at its best.

Boiler Servicing Delivered By City Warmth

At City Warmth, we ensure our customers’ boilers work safely and cost-efficiently. We are a team of highly skilled and experienced boiler experts who can deliver the boiler solutions you want at the prices you need. Boiler servicing helps prolong the life of your boiler, keep your energy bills affordable, and prevent future breakdowns. When you book your boiler service with us, you will receive the highest standard of service at a great price.

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The Benefits of Boiler Servicing

  • Ensure your boiler is operating efficiently
  • Save money on your energy bills
  • Prevent breakdowns and expensive repairs
  • Extend the lifespan of your boiler
  • Confirm your boiler meets safety standards
  • Keep your boiler under the manufacturer’s warranty
  • Preempt future problems
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Signs Your Boiler Needs Servicing

  • There has been a lack of maintenance
  • Overdue, not had one in the last 12 months
  • Your boiler is slow to heat up
  • Your energy bills have increased
  • The unit is noisier than it used to be
  • Less efficient - taking longer to provide heating & hot water
  • Fluctuating temperatures
  • Signs of leaks, corrosion, rust or smells
  • Boiler cycling - boiler coming on/off more frequently
  • Servicing is mandatory to retain your boiler manufacturers warranty

The Types of Boilers Services We Offer

There are two different types of boiler services we offer at City Warmth. One is an interim safety check and the other is a full strip down service. Let’s take a look at both of these in more detail.


Interim Boiler Service

Similar to servicing a car, an interim boiler service should be carried out by a trained and Gas Safe engineer every 12 months. We will run standard health checks on your boiler, rectify any issues, and provide a report. This is the most popular boiler service we offer. It ensures your boiler is running smoothly and performing as it should be.

An interim boiler service takes anything up to 60 minutes to complete.

  • Functionality Check
    When our engineers arrive at your property, they will check your boiler is functioning well and providing heating and hot water as it should be.
  • Visual Inspection
    Your boiler will then be visually inspected, inside and out, for any concerning signs such as rust, leaks, or corrosion.
  • Safety Checks
    Our engineers will then check the safety devices on your boiler to ensure they work, should you ever need them.
  • Gas Pressure
    Next, our engineers will check the gas pressure on your boiler. If your boiler has good gas pressure, it can operate properly.
    Flue (Exhaust) Gases
    Every time our engineers service your boiler, they will check the flue to make sure your boiler is burning gas safely and correctly.
    Water Quality
    The quality of your radiator water must be tested every year, according to Building Regulations BS 7593:2019. If your boiler does not pass this test, the manufacturer warranty could be voided. So, having your water quality checked is extremely important.
    Gas Meter
    Our engineers will check your gas meter to make sure that everything looks healthy and to check the control tap works.

Full Strip-Down Service

At City Warmth, we advise scheduling a Full Strip-Down Service for your boiler every three years, aligning with the recommendations of your boiler manufacturer. This applies whether we are conducting annual servicing or servicing the boiler for the first time, especially if it has not undergone servicing in three years or more.

Our skilled engineers will strip-down your boiler, replacing any worn or tired parts*. They will also thoroughly clean the major parts, ensuring the optimal functionality of your boiler for the years ahead. Similar to our standard interim service, a detailed report will be provided for your records.

A full strip-down service typically takes up to 2.5 hours.

*Parts are quoted for separately and vary according to manufacturers guidelines and recommendations for your boiler.
  • Functionality Check
    As with all boiler services, our engineers will check the functionality of your boiler and make sure everything is working as it should be.
  • Visual Inspection
    Our engineers will check your boiler looks healthy, inside and out, and that there aren’t any signs of rust, corrosion, or leaks.
  • Gas Valve
    Our engineers will check the gas valve and make adjustments as necessary.
  • Burner Plate
    The burner plate in your boiler will be removed and the spark electrodes replaced.
  • Heat Exchanger
    Our engineers will clean out the heat exchanged by flushing it through with water, hoovering it out, or wiping down with a damp cloth. Once clean, the soot trap will be emptied, cleaned, and re-filled.
    Expansion Vessel
    Our engineers will drain and recharge the expansion vessel and top up the system pressure.
    Range Rating
    Finally, our engineers will check that your boiler is the right size for your property - helping you save money on your gas bills.

Receive a Full Boiler Service Report

Whether you opt for an Interim Boiler Service or a Full Strip Down Boiler Service, you will receive a full boiler service report. This report outlines in detail the work our engineers have carried out and will include information such as; the type of service performed, when the service was carried out, any repairs that were completed, as well as a list of mandatory safety checks. If you have any questions about your boiler service report, just ask. We are always happy to help!

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At City Warmth Plumbing and Heating, we’re proud to offer boiler servicing to our customers throughout Brighton and Hove. If you need your boiler serviced and you are located within our service area, give us a call.

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