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Replace your boiler with a Reliable, A-Rated System

Boiler Replacement Brighton & Hove

Replace your boiler fast with City Warmth Plumbing and Heating. We supply and install fixed price boilers for our customers in Brighton and Hove. Whether your existing boiler has given up or you’re searching for a boiler system that’s more reliable and energy efficient, we can help!

Boiler Replacement Packages

When the time comes to replace your boiler, you’re likely worried about choosing the right boiler and how much it’s going to cost. At City Warmth, we want to help as much as we can.

Our boiler replacement packages have been created to suit a variety of budgets and requirements. What’s more, our fixed price products ensure the boilers we sell don’t break the bank. View our boiler replacement packages below to find out more.

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  • Boiler & Standard Flue
  • Wireless Programmable Thermostat
  • Central Heating Filter
  • Chemical Heating Flush
    Free Boiler Service
    3 Months Homeowner Support
    12 Months Workmanship Guarantee
The City Warmth Standard
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  • Boiler & Standard Flue
  • Smart Thermostat
  • Central Heating Filter
  • Full System Powerflush
  • 7 x Thermostatic Radiator Valves
  • Scale Reducer
    Free Boiler Service
    3 Months Homeowner Support
    12 Months Workmanship Guarantee
A Family-Run Company You Can Rely On

Why Choose City Warmth for Your Boiler Replacement?

We are your local boiler experts. Based in Brighton and Hove, we are proud to replace old systems with energy efficient boilers our customers can rely on.

As a family-run company, we pride ourselves on building relationships with our customers that last. We have served the Brighton and Hove community with boiler replacements, repairs, servicing, and installations for over 12 years now. Boilers are what we’re known for and what we do best.

Boiler Replacement Home Survey

Prior to your boiler replacement, our specialist engineers will carry out a thorough survey of your property. This will help us determine the best boiler solution for the size of your home and your budget. With this information, we can provide you with a number of suitable replacement boiler options we think you’ll be happy with.

Gas Safe Registered Engineers

All our engineers are gas safe registered, fully trained, and highly qualified to ensure you receive the best service possible.

24 Hour Turnaround

We know that waiting on a replacement boiler can cause significant disruption to your life. That’s why we pride ourselves on offering fast and reliable customer service. When you contact us about your boiler replacement, we can supply and fit your new boiler within 24 hours.

Signs You Should Replace Your Current Boiler

You should replace your current boiler system if:

  • It is frequently breaking down
  • You are spending a lot of money on repairs
  • It is no longer operating quietly
  • Your energy bills are constantly rising
  • The system is no longer covered by a manufacturer’s warranty
  • Replacement parts are difficult to find
  • It’s just not working like it used to

If any of the above sounds familiar, you should consider replacing your boiler. And if you’re still unsure whether a replacement is the right call, get in touch with us. Our friendly and approachable team would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and advise you on the best solution.

The Benefits of Replacing Your Boiler

The Benefits of Replacing Your Boiler

You would be surprised how many people put up with the quirks and inefficiencies of an old boiler system because a boiler replacement sounds too time-consuming and costly.

At City Warmth, we like to keep things simple. We can replace your boiler in as little as 24 hours and for a great price, so you can enjoy the following benefits.

Lower Energy Bills

Did you know that the older your boiler, the less efficient it is? Old boilers can cause energy bills to skyrocket. Replacing your old system with an A-rated boiler could save you £300 a year on your energy bills.

Compact Designs

New boilers are available in more compact designs compared to older models. This means your replacement boiler could fit in a cupboard so that it’s out of the way.

Comfortable Temperatures

Replacing your old boiler with a new boiler means, rather than fluctuating shower temperatures or poor heating, you can enjoy comfortable temperatures all year round.

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Replacement boilers are more reliable, working better for longer. They provide you with peace of mind that you can have hot water and heating when you need it.

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Replace Your Boiler Today

Are you ready to replace your boiler? Get in touch with us today. Our boiler specialists would be happy to answer your questions and provide you with expert advice. If you contact us today, we can provide you with a free boiler quote. Don’t miss out - get in touch today!